FB_IMG_1531201061398If you have suffered one or two punctures on the course of your success journey as a Nigerian youth, it is a world wide norm.

But when your journey vehicle is wrecked and tires and wheels came flying off; and going up in flames, it is a bad omen and can only be traced back to BAD GOVERNANCE (witches and wizards in power) I call them ~*WAWIP*~

We have all it takes as Nigerian youths to rewrite, rewire, redo and fix OUR NATION.

It could take decades but the right step that would lead us to the desired direction MUST be taken. Get your PVC and stop praying for a better government without your involvement.

If you were 17 years last election, today you are 18. Your voice should be heard through your vote. Go get a voter’s card (free of charge) it entitles you to vote and it is a valid identification in Nigeria and even West Africa. So you see? It is great to possess one. Get it before August, 2018 runs out.

A Federal House of Representative aspirant for Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha federal constituency, of the People Democratic Party,
*Ike Klinsman Ohamadike* rightly said as he adviced youths in a youth summit/symposium:
“The PVC is your electoral power to excersise your political rights and vote out bad leaders in government. The Nation suffers when good people sit back and play lackadaisically to the concerns of electoral excercises”.

Finally, remember when we say it’s none of our business to vote, it would be none of our business to lambaste a bad elected person.

🐴We say it doesn’t matter in the day time, but when it is night, matters arising😜


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