Please, people of Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency, before voting any candidate to represent you,in the Green Chamber of National Assembly, please make sure the candidate posses this qualities both in action and in mind, in order to avert, the disaster, we are suffering now……..

I begin with wisdom. Intelligence abounds but common sense and the application of intelligence realistically serves legislator.

If ill tempered, arrogant, or introverted you’re going nowhere in this business. A sense of humor, a quick wit, attentiveness to the concerns of others, being a bit of a raconteur, exhibiting politeness with an ability to disagree while not being disagreeable, and a pinch of charm and a dash of charisma will go along way.

What’s it all about? Knowing where you’re going or you won’t be able to get there. Having a plan and pursuing it vigorously and whole-heartedly because you are a true believer who wants to make a difference and you will persevere even in the darkist hour.

Do things because they are right not expedient. Don’t be high-handed or gloat because you can but be fair and considerate and the favor may be returned when least expected. Your honesty is ingrained and part of your character and even though temptations will be presented and you could get away with something underhanded your conscience would not allow it.

Be the cream that rises to the top. Know when to take charge, possess the ability not just to control and command but to guide, delegate and influence and possesss the communicative skills to clearly articulate your ideas and motivate others to rally to your cause. Accept transparency and accountability with the knowledge that mistakes will be made by you and yours and the buck will stop at your desk and you must take responsibility and admit mistakes because you are big enough to do that and to change course when required.

Remember where you came from and who you represent and be responsive to your constituents and their needs. It isn’t about you. It’s about them. A little humility goes a long way.

Never stop learning and be flexible about accepting new and better ways to accomplish your ends even if that requires a bit of iconiclastic irreverence. Park the horse and buggy and take the high speed rail, break out the solar panels , and move ahead with the times and make innovation and technology work for the benefit of all not just the few. Posses the practicality to know when to be moderate and accomplish your goals and when to be radical and fight for your values. Know your limitations and how to take advise. Have the flexibility to realize that the enemies of yesteryear may be the allies of tomorrow and embrace the opportunities that become available.

After critically accesing all the candidates contesting to represent Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency, I came into conclusion,that,the young man called PHARM IKE KLINSMAN OHAMADIKE is the best and preferred candidate, for the position.
Please, my people don’t vote because of money, and don’t vote because of party affiliation, but Vote for the right candidate, who will help secure the future of our children and make things right.

Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike
PDP Aspirant for Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency.

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