Money For Votes Is Not Youth Empowernment

I have said it severally, we must be very careful of the choices we make, they shape our future. Empowernment is not about being given 2000 naira to shout a politician’s name and insult each other on the social media. This is not empowernment, it’s 21st century slavery for goodness sake

Yes the job of a legislature is primarily to make laws and secondarily to attract quality projects to his constituency that should alleviate the sufferings of those he represents. But above all, the fundamental job of every leader and a legislature inclusive is to empower those he leads. This empowernment has nothing to do with the stipends and hand-out money you get during campaigns and voting. This empowernment is about giving people the fundamental tools to be independent and self reliant.

I am not poor, if I am, I would not be contesting for House of Reps, I want to teach our youths how to make money, be independent and take care of their families not to give them peanuts. I want to help our young people with the tools to generate funds to be able to take care of their education and to start their own business and help others too. This is genuine empowernment

How many of your legislatures can you access their phone numbers and have a decent talk with? The president of France was in Nigeria yesterday shaking hands with the poor, the less privileged and everyone, can you say the same of a common councillor in your ward? Those of them that have social media accounts have closed it after winning elections, they don’t even reply the mail’s to their inbox yet whenever elections reach they hurry back and do fire brigade projects and buy okada for selected few and we clap and call it empowernment. Do we really know the meaning of this word Empowernment of a constituency?

Like I have said in many fora, “show leadership and sincerity without being mean” when I get into office don’t come to me asking for cheap 3000 naira, come to me with a good business plan and I will give you the funds to start that business from my personal money, in any case I don’t have enough, I will be your guarantor and with my signature you will get loans from any bank of your choice to start that business and become independent like me, when you genuinely try and the business didn’t go down well, I will pay back your loan to the bank

Any leader that claims not to have the expertise to genuinely empower people in his constituency is not being honest. There are millions of low interest and free grants plus credit facilities in this country from World Bank, The EU, Rockefeller Foundation, ford Foundation, etc waiting to be shared to serious start-ups. If you don’t know how to write proposals to access these funds, come to me and I will help you write it, append my signature to it as your guarantor and you will get them. This is empowernment not giving out 3000 naira to our youths for crying out loud

It is painful to me seing our youths suffering and roaming the street like sheep without shepherd when we have what it takes to overcome government induced poverty in this nation

So please when next you meet Dozie Nwankwo, Ike Klinsmann Ohamadike, senator Victor Umeh, Senator Andy UBA, Mr Ifeanyi Uba don’t take selfies with us, bring that your application for bank loan to start a business, bring that your proposal for Agric credit loan to us to sign as guarantors. Those of you who cannot write such proposals for lack of information on how to go about it, task your political leaders to mandate any of these their E-rats Na Agbatasionu Na Facebook to write one for you, give him to sign as a guarantor and ask him to tell you where to submit it to secure funds to start your own business to reap the dividends of real empowernment.

I have lived in Sweden for 7 years, this is what we politicians do here for youths while your own will give you 3000 naira to insult his opponents on Facebook and you clap for him and call it empowernment.

This is one of the things I am bringing to the table, to help secure financial start-ups for youths to excel in their businesses

So when I get into ofIMG-20180616-WA0035fice by 2019, pls don’t hesitate to come to my office in Abuja, just walk through the door, come straight with a business plan that will ensure your financial independence, I will give you the funds, if I don’t have, I will be your guarantor to secure these funds from other legal sources

We shall talk more from time to time

Well Udo

Pharm Ike Klinsmann Ohamadike
PDP Anambra State

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