Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike, declares his interest to run for Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency under the platform of our great party, People Democratic Party (PDP)

He visited all the three local governments that made up of his constituency to declare his intentions officially. All the ward executives of the three local governments, received Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike, the front line aspirirant for Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency with a warm embrace, describing his as a “SENT SAVIOUR” from God.

At the various venue in all the three local governments, Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike, renowned pharmacist cum erudite politician declared his interest and desire to represent the good people of Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha federal constituency in the Green Chambers of National Assembly, under our great party of Peoples Democratic Party.

In his words, ” He said that, I have observed that our constituency is devoid of qualitive representation in the National Assembly. This explains why we have gotten so little from the federal government. As a lawmaker in view, I will ensure a responsive government that will make the welfare of our people a priority. I will create opportunities and welfare packages for our people with emphasis of….





I believe so much in the grassroots and coming from my background in youths and students unionism as a former NANS leader, I understand how important it could be to empower a constituency especially our young men and women. People are always at their best when the connection between them is strong. The system has betrayed Anaocha, Njikoka, and Dunukofia, our youths feel invisible.

In conclusion, he says that positive change comes when representation is honest and open and when there is an exchange of idea between the elected and the electorate. Leaders who are in touch with the grassroots understand how important it is to dialogue with those they represent. This type of dialogue provides answers and solutions to insecurity, poor health services, unemployment etc. This is the kind of representation, I will introduce in our constituency, a leadership that will be close to the grassroots.

In closing remarks, of some bigwigs in the party,in the various local government, Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike visited, they pledged their support to him, since Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha Federal Constituency has been neglected by the person representing them and they promised to give Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike the mandate to represent the good people of Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha in the Green Chambers of National Assembly.


Victor Mgbatogu

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