Employment Bureau To Be Established In Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia


Youths at risk are not at fault. They are the failures of our love. I don’t believe that our youths are lazy. Criminality is not a career, it’s a by-product of many years of failed leadership and chronic regret.

In Anaocha, Njikoka and Dunukofia, we are going to introduce something new. I am working on a pilot project that will guarantee thousands of jobs for our youths. It’s going to be called the Employment Bureau. In this scheme, there will be 25 employment case officers in each of the three LGA that will work closely with me, the organized private sector, the state and federal government plus entrepreneurs to seek out jobs for our youths, organize holiday/seasonal jobs for high school students in collaboration with the private sector

I have established a working relationship with international cultural exchange programs that will invite our youths to fully paid cultural exchange programs in Europe and Asia with assistance from UN-habitat, SIDA and the Ford Foundation. The exchange/training workshops will further equip our young people with vital tools to be successful entrepreneurs.

This cultural exchange and the employment bureau are not new, they are seriously recording huge success in many countries in Europe and Asia. Our only problem is that our leaders are not interested.
We will start it in Dunukofia, Anaocha and Njikoka as a testimony to others that this is indeed possible. All we need is a caring heart, that is all

Pharm Ike Klinsmann Ohamadike

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