In Honor Of The African Child

June 16; The African child in Dunukofia, Njikoka and Anaocha local government area.
In 1991, the United Nations designated today as the day of African Child in honor of the ten thousand of South African black students whom took to the streets to protest against the poor quality of education and demanding to be taught in their own language.
The story of the African Child is the same everywhere. From the poor health facilities where they are birthed in to the almost dead educational system down to the harsh society that doesn’t see a need to offer them protection and social welfare services. The Nigerian Child is given a choice at a tender age to fight to survive or risk dying as against a strong social system as it’s obtainable in Europe.
The time to advance the cause of the African Child in Dunukofia, Anaocha and Njikoka local government area is now. I am committed to ensuring that our primary health care centres are well equipped. Libraries will be built, well equipped and opened to use in our basic primary schools. A social welfare system will be setup to ensure that the children from less privileged homes will be protected from the harsh economic realities of the nation.
I am Ike klinsmann Ohamadike
I believe in the potentials inherent in the African Children of Dunukofia, Njikoka and Anaocha LGA.

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