Manifesto: My contract with Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia


CAMPAIGN MANIFESTO: Education, youth empowerment, women empowerment, service delivery and my pledge to Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Constituency


I have observed that our constituency is devoid of qualitative representation in Abuja. This explains why we have gotten so little from the Federal Government.
As a lawmaker, I will ensure a responsive government that will make the welfare of our people a priority. I will create opportunities and welfare packages for our people with the emphasis on horizontal education, wealth creation, job creation and youth/women empowerment
I believe so much in the grassroots and coming from my background in youths and students unionism as a former NANS leader, I understand how important it could be to empower a constituency especially our young men and women. People are always at their best when the connection between them is strong. The system has betrayed Anaocha, Njikoka, and Dunukofia, our youths feel invisible.
Positive change comes when representation is honest and open and when there is an exchange of ideas between the elected and the electorate. Leaders who are in touch with the grassroots understand how important it is to dialogue with those they represent. This type of dialogue provides answers and solutions to insecurity, poor health services, unemployment etc. This is the kind of representation I will introduce in our constituency, a leadership that will be close to the grassroots.


A nation that fails to invest in education and youth development is a nation without a future. We fail in our responsibilities as leaders each day we fail to take actions for the common good. With the right education, more doors of opportunities will open and better skills acquired by our young people.
To empower our young people with the skills to compete for jobs after their academic training. I will sponsor bills that will:
1. Promote collaborations between government, communities, and stakeholders in Anaocha, Njikoka and Dunukofia LGA’s to accelerate the development and support of early childhood education
2. Establish Scholarship Trust Fund for indigent students in our constituency
3. Encourage the provision of internet and Wi-Fi hotspots in libraries in selected schools in our constituency
4. Ensure that selected schools in the constituency are equipped with current books
5. Provide Financial support and grants to encourage ”Girl-Child” education




We have made significant progress as a people but we must agree that we are now at a crossroad; the economy is not at its best. Inflation is putting most basic goods out of the reach of the ordinary people. Families are suffering in silence. I will fight to ensure that the percentage of unemployed youths is reduced in Anaocha, Njikoka, and Dunukofia, by championing policies that will create job opportunities for all. One hundred percent youth empowerment is my goal.
I believe in grass-roots empowerment, I will set up partnership structures in the three LGA’s to ensure that we harness the skills and resources of our youths to tackle the challenges of youth employment
I will build a youth center in each of the three LGA’s. Staffs will be employed to work at these centers, sporting and training facilities will be provided. Each center will be equipped with Wi-Fi for free internet access and big screen audio-visual for youth’s relaxation while watching their favorite games and sports
To reduce unemployment, eradicate poverty and to keep our youths off the street, I will sponsor bills that will:
1. Offer a one-on-one help to individuals seeking employment
2. Encourage traditional and community leaders to make communal lands accessible for job creation
3. Provide incentives for medium-sized businesses
4. Increase bonus for civil servants in Anaocha, Njikoka, and Dunukofia
5. Provide agricultural loans for young people to go into small-scale agricultural businesses and be self-reliant
6. Create equal opportunities for all
7. Provide internship grants for high school students and fresh graduates and ensuring that this is also provided in our constituency projects
8. Offer TAX HOLIDAYS for private companies that employ graduates who have graduated since the last five years without finding a job. This will reduce long-term unemployment in our constituency



Health is wealth. No nation can function without a comprehensive healthcare delivery system. I worked as a Pharmacist at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) outposts in both Ukpo and Neni and I know how serious these places need urgent funding. It is very unfortunate that the present occupant of the House of Representative seat could not help our constituency to fix this problem, which prompted the chief medical director of NAUTH Prof Anthony Igwegbe to appeal to Federal Government for help in March this year. What is the use of having a representative in Abuja who could not help us? I have promised Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital that I will secure this funding for them to renovate and re-equip our hospitals in Neni and Ukpo.
As a health professional, I will ensure equity in the distribution of healthcare services in our constituency. I will sponsor bills that will:
1. Increase funding and investment in healthcare
2. Reduce maternal and child mortality rate in our constituency
3. Provide free medical care for the old, senior citizens, the poor and nursing mothers in our constituency
4. Provide affordable medical care in all the health centers owned by the government
5. Promote health, preventing diseases and strengthening primary healthcare delivery
6. Ensure that clinics are built, maintained and equipped appropriately to provide affordable and quality services
7. Support programmes and campaigns for a healthy lifestyle in our communities
8. Support and work with the NGO’s to intensify prevention initiatives against infectious diseases


Train a woman and you have trained a nation has always been my philosophy. I strongly believe in women empowerment. I believe that women are being underrated and rendered invisible in our constituency. I want to put a stop to this. I want our women to be appreciated and given the benefits they deserve. WOMEN RIGHT IS HUMAN RIGHT……very simple
To empower the women of Anaocha, Njikoka and Dunukofia, I will sponsor bills that will:

1. Support equal pay for equal work
2. Increase support for the girl-child education
3. Campaign against early child marriage
4. Support free medical care for all pregnant women
5. Provide credits and Loans to women entrepreneurs
6. Support inclusion of more women in governance and political decision making processes
7. Support and build A WOMEN INTERACTION CENTER in Umudioka to take care of general women issues not limited to economic issues, health problems, domestic abuses, social stigma etc. where all women from the 3 LGA’s will come and discuss with social workers, nurses and psychologists who will be employed to assist them and solve their problems

I will run an all-inclusive campaign. I will maintain an open door policy where we can all make contributions. I will listen to everyone irrespective of party affiliations. I will listen more especially when we disagree. I will ensure the followings:
1. An honest approach to all issues raised
2. An ear that listens
3. A transparent system that allows me to engage with every member of our constituency to ensure proper service delivery
4. Continuous consultations with our constituency to allow everyone have a say in the development of their communities

I come to you today as your servant and I invite you to join me in building and creating a better future for our people, that tomorrow which our children can be proud to say that yes, progress was indeed made possible


Thanks and God bless

Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu klinsmann (B.Pharm, MPH, MFIP, JP)
House of Reps Aspirant
Anaocha/Njikoka/Dunukofia Federal Constituency






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