Social Media and Youths


Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike deduced in the 3rd Law of his international recognised book “TOP SECRET: 37 LAWS OF POLITICAL POWER”, that, Perception is validation. The society lives in a social media bubble. People are more likely to believe in what they see than on the things they hear. The social media has become the leading source of information dissemination in the 21st Century. Embrace the social media, go digital and you will create a political tsunami.

We live in a digital age. A larger percentage of human activities in this present age revolve around the internet and the ICT. As should be expected, this phenomenon created an easy avenue for dissemination of information within and across borders. The ability of an information posted on the internet to reach millions of users in a single click has made the internet a remarkable asset in all facets of human endeavors. Its significance as a source of knowledge and learning has been exploited extensively in the field of education, science, governance, business, research, terrorism, activism, politics etc.

Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike emphasised 10 ways in which the social media can help influenced Nigeria politics:
1. It will bring direct contact with voters.

2. It can used in advertising without paying for advertisement.

3. It will help campaigns go viral.

4. It will tailor the message to the audience.

5. It can help to raise funds.

6. It can be used to monitor controversy.

7. It can help to get feedback easily.

8. It can help in weighing public opinion.

9. Social media can create employment opportunities for our youths.

10. Social media is the power of many.

The most positive effects social media has on politics is the opportunity for voters to interact more easily with candidates and elected officials. Traditionally, if you wanted to meet a politician or candidate, you’d have to attend a live event. Not everyone is able to do this. With modern technology, it’s now possible to attend virtual events where you can participate in live streaming events and interact with politicians and candidates.

If Pharm Ike Klinsman Ohamadike is elected as member representing Dunukofia/Njikoka/Anaocha federal constituency, he will use his good office to activate the wide spread of social media influence in his constituency and nigeria at larger and with his ideology on ICT and social media, he will influence the Green chamber of National Assembly to reject any bill, that will limit the power of social media in Nigeria.

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